About Volare & TENJIN

I’ve been in game since 2006 and hanging around the old blogging grounds since 2007. I am a fashion hound in real life as much as I am in Second Life. I enjoy mixing and matching pieces from different designers. I believe that clothing has a story to tell and I’m here to do just that.

I blog things that I like. Sometimes, it’s not items or looks that are necessarily new to the grid or certain designer. My style is  urban rocker  grunge with a side of  hoochie (boobs) kind of feel to it. I also like eclectic looks.

In my posts, I do not Photoshop any of the colors other than to fix lighting levels of photos and crop/add design elements. Although if something is Photoshopped with an effect, I note it in the Flickr comments section.

Like anything creative, I blog when my creativity levels are up. Given that, sometimes, I’ll post a couple things a week and sometimes a week goes by and I post nothing. So check back every so often. I’m never away for very long.


In addition to blogging,  I create tattoos and sell them in my store, TENJIN in the Jersey Shore. Lots of offbeat ink and most always with upbeat messages. Sometimes a new release on Thursday’s for the Jersey Shore sim-wide Grenade Free Weekend event.  I’m a sucker for old-school tattoo design.

What I strive for with my designs is ink that you can mix and match, just like in RL. A little bit here and a little bit there. I also try to highlight the human body and have the art fit the curve. Not an easy task in Second Life design, as you can imagine.

I appreciate every time someone purchases a design from me. My loyal customers (and I know who you are!) bring a huge smile to my face and a warm spot in my heart.  I can’t thank you enough. I am humbled each time a blogger highlights my designs in his or her blog as well. I want to hug each and every one of you.

Check out the Tenjin Flickr group to see the artwork showcased in-world.

Peace. ღ

Volare ♥

10 thoughts on “About Volare & TENJIN

  1. It was nice to meet you today Heidi! Love your blog!

  2. hey sweetie those vest you were asking about are still out,they are on the ground floor, back wall in a vendor in the couple section ^_^

  3. hey i was just wondering waht progamme you use i love fashion and designing would be highly appreciated if u could email the name of the programme

  4. adorable blog Heidi

  5. See, told you I stalked your blog ;)

  6. Hi, nice to meet you !

  7. Who knew our lil heidi..love your blog:)

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