Movie Night

Style Details:
Hair/Hat: +Spellbound+ Boo! // Natural Selection  at kustom9
Tank Top: MoDANNA [Sanglant Collection] REDRUM Tank Top Red  – New at The Bloody Horror FairNew at The Bloody Horror Fair
Necklace: Pekka. Triquetra choker – blackened steel – New at The Fantasy Collective
Ring: .Pekka. Triquetra ring – blackened steel –  New at The Fantasy Collective
Septum: .Pekka. Marcia septum – blackened steel at Body Modification Expo
Jeans: LC:: Hippy Chic Jean [Black] High Slink Feet at  at kustom9
Skin: -Belleza- Yasmin Med 0 Br
Eye liner: DeeTaleZ Eyeliner D BLACK – at Cosmetics Fair Halloween Edition
Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer – The Family  – at Cosmetics Fair Halloween Edition
JacketRicielli -Leather Jacket /black
Manicure: DP – Koffin Nails – Ouija Boardl  – at Cosmetics Fair Halloween Edition


Style Details:
Skin: [PF] Ashley <Peach> – Lid 01 (blonde – thin) / Female - New for Genre- Androgynous 
Dress: Mimikri – Embellished Dress / Eve cameo – New at The Liason CollaborativeNew at The Liason Collaborative
Hair: little bones. Girl
Necklace: Ariskea {Sparks } Moon  Necklace  -Purple–  At the Big Show At the Big Show
Ring: {MYNX} Globe Ring Large
Shoes: fri. – Gloria.Heels (Ghost)

Genre- Androgynous

I am kicking off this month’s Genre postings with a great blazer/t-shirt combination from ZcZ. It’s unisex and the t-shirt is optional, as well as turning the color of the collar from gray to black. I adore the t-shirt graphic … “Vintage SL.” This month I’m celebrating my seventh year of blogging in SL! I think that qualifies me as vintage SL.

Fashion-wise, I’ve seen a lot of comings and goings, but yet, I still can’t delete my Last Call and Celestial Studio folders from my groaning and creaking inventory. (Imagine eight years of shopping!) I also remember back in the day when events were far and few between and it was a HUGE deal when one came to the grid. Us oldies used to wait for a certain day of the week, (I think it was Tuesday or Thursday) and Last Call would put out a new release. Fifty Linden Friday was just about the only weekly event. I can recall when blonde hair textures were, in a word, disappointing. It was one of the reasons I lived part of my early digital life as a brunette. I also have memories of when the giant enterprise of Truth Hair was a tiny store!

I suppose I can wax nostalgic for paragraphs about early SL days, but let’s get back to the real reason for this post, and that’s the monthly event known as Genre. This month, we’re rocking the androgynous look. This is a bit of a challenge for me because I gravitate to a more feminine look. However, the goodies from Genre help me effortlessly make the transition to androgyny.

The half-headed hair from the Stringer Mausoleum pairs up nicely with a unisex look and is available in some great colors. The incredibly skinny jeans from Anachron are crazy-skinny, and they’re also available unisex. Finally, Pink Fuel, who makes lovely skins to begin with, put out their ANDRO line of skins just for the event. The skins are available with different lid and brow options, as well being available in male, female and boi. One thing that Pink Fuel does brilliantly is providing every applier and option known to man with their skins. We broke guys and girls really appreciate that. All I can say is soooo many options!

Style Details:
Blazer/Shirt:  ZcZ :. Vaki Blazer Vintage - New for Genre- Androgynous 
Pants: Anachron – Androjeany Female – Black - New for Genre- Androgynous 
Hair: *The Stringer Mausoleum* Together Apart – Unicorn - New for Genre- Androgynous 
Skin: [Pink Fuel] ANDRO – Ash – <Peach> - New for Genre- Androgynous 
Earrings: claMberry. Tie Earring Silver - New for Genre- Androgynous 
Lip Piercing:. Pekka. . Unseen Unisex Piercing Silver
Necklace: Pekka. . Thick chain collar – Lock – Steel
ShoesLucien.Marcelo // ASYLUM PLATFORM BOOTS
Tattoo: *Bolson / Tattoo – Mr. Bolton (Face Censored)

If I could dream, I’d dream about you

Style Details:
Blouse: GATO – Silky Blouse 3 – New for Gacha Mania New for Gacha Mania
Skirt: -Suicidal Unborn!- Denim Skater Skirt GRAY – New
Hair: Clawtooth: Before Dark – Girl Next Door at Collabor88
Skin: Essences {Ingrid – Uber} Medium02 - at Uber event 
Lips: Essences – Ingrid {Kiss’n’Go} Pucker Up Pink - at Uber event 
Kitty Ears:
 {MYNX}Kitty Ears
Tights: Gawk! Raspberry Cotton Tights

Freyja’s Mortal

Style Details:
Gown: MoDANNA [Ensanglante Collection] Virgin Pageant Dress – New at The Beauty Pageant
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Neria (with detachable horns)New at Mystical Realms Faire
Skin: DeeTaleZ - Skin Smilla (Brows2) brown Mixedtype – New at Body Modification Expo
Arm Chains/wNecklace: [whatever] Shoulder Chain – Black– New at Body Modification Expo
Pauldrons: May’s Soul - Desolation protector
Septum: .Pekka. Marcia septum – blackened steel – New at Body Modification Expo
Headpiece.Pekka. Elsia head chain – Onyx
Face Mole: DeeTaleZ Mesh BEAUTY MOLE

Heal me

Style Details:
Dress: [Cynful] Vintage Bow Dress Red – Coming for Vintage & Cool Fair
Hair: little bones. Fiction – New at Body Modification Expo
Bindi: .Pekka. Bindi elena – blackened steel New at Body Modification Expo
Tattoo: DAPPA – Soar Tattoo.  – New at Body Modification Expo
Skin: DeeTalez – Skin Smilla (Brows2) brown Mixedtype   – New at Body Modification Expo
Necklace: .random.Matter. – Amory Necklace – Platinum  – New at Body Modification Expo
Shoes: Ingenue :: Grady Heels (Slink) :: Rouge – New at Collabor88
Face Mole: DeeTaleZ Mesh BEAUTY MOLE
Ring: {MYNX} Triangle Ring / Knuckle Ring – New
Tights: Gawk! Black Cotton Tights

The Quiet Street

Style Details:
Sweater: GATO Comfy Jacket Botanical  - Coming for The Seasons Story 10/10
Corset: GATO Crop Corset Plain - Coming for The Seasons Story 10/10
Shorts: GATO Bermuda Dark - Coming for The Seasons Story 10/10
Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Zest Pumps Black Slink-High – New at Collabor88
Skin: -Glam Affair – Sia – Jamaica 07 – New at Collabor88
HairMINA Hair – Iris
Tights: Gawk! Black Cotton Tights
NecklaceieQED two