Top Shelf

This look features the original and creative fashion designs of Mimikri Kit of Mimikri. This new line is called Carla and features A-line leather skirts, silk, ruffled blouses, a fun Yeti jacket and fab python ankle boots. They’re all available in seven luxurious colors to mix and match. Mimikri has been one of my favorite Second Life designer for years. She is definitely an underrated designer and her beautiful, original creations definitely deserve your attention.

Also, I would like to point out hair from Blues Hair. Blues is a new hair store to me, and honestly, I’m not quite sure when it opened. Blues offers very pretty alternative  hair styles. What I really love are the textures. They are gorgeous. I look forward to more from Blues.  Go check out the demos! I did this morning, and practically bought the whole store!

Style Details:
JacketMimikri - Yeti Jacket / Carla dove - New
Blouse: Mimikri - Silk Blouse / Carla dove- New
Skirt: Mimikri - Leather Skirt / Carla dove - New
Shoes: Mimikri - Python Ankle Boots / Carla dove - New
Necklace/Earrings: [ glow ] studio Pratis (silver) – New at TDRF
Hair: Blues – Blues Hair - Annie
Skin:  DeeTalez  Skin Jule (Brows2) brown Mixedtype

Two Nations

Style Details:
Top: –Suicidal Unborn!- Black Carnival Crop Top #12
Bindi: = Sweet Lies Designs=Saima Red Bindi Paint – New for Genre
Skirt: = Sweet Lies Designs=Saima Red Skirt Mesh – New for Genre
Bracelet: = Sweet Lies Designs=Saima Bracelet – New for Genre
Chest Tattoo: Jalwa – Ornate Collar Undershirt Black – New for Genre
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Doll V2 <Crystal> – Pure
EyebrowsNOX. Banshee Brows
Hair: little bones. Feline– New Group Gift
EarringsEclat –  Pyramid Earring – New

Lady of the Woods

Style Details:
Crown:  Ariskea {Melancholy} – Headband Autumn Collections – New at No21
Necklace:  Ariskea {Melancholy} – Necklace Night  Autumn Collections – New at No21
Neck Tattoo: ::Axix:: 5th Chakra Tattoo 2 [NeckOnly] - New at Suicide Dollz
Hair: little bones. Willow – at The Secret Affair
HornsOrsiniRed Captured Beauty Horn  Gold
Bikini: :[Plastik]:- Casseiopia-Complex //Tali
Face Tattoo: NOX. Oracle [Black]
EyebrowsNOX. Banshee Brows
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Doll V2 <Crystal> – Pure  – New

Vocal Solo

Hello! When I went to to list the style details, I realized there sure was a lot of little things that went into this. However, what I want to stop and speak about is the Cathode Ray’s mesh mouth. In the past, I’ve tried Loudmouths’, but I just couldn’t get it to work with my shape. I’ve been keeping my eyes open to see what other mouths were available. (I know it was released last month, but sometimes I’m kinda slow.) The other day, I was browsing the feeds and saw PixelPerfectSL gave a wonderful review of the Nyam Nyam mouth from Cathode Ray.  It got my curiosity going, so I went and checked out a demo.

For me, the secret to this mouth was sizing it to fit my mug. (To size, just click on the mouth for a blue dialog.) After that, it fit like a dream. As Pea points out in her post, at the moment, Pink Fuel is the only creator making skin appliers. The skin from PF is quite lovely, very young and dollish. What really sold me on the mouth was that my favorite make-up artist, NOX, made appliers for their lipsticks. I hope other skinmakers and make-up artists will follow suit.

The HUD-controlled mouth comes with basic, beautiful lipsticks, three different types of teeth, including two with fangs, and four mouth expressions (none of which will make you look crazy). Also, Pink Fuel’s skin comes with lipsticks as well.

If you’re in the market for a mesh mouth, by all means go check out Cathode Ray’s offering. It doesn’t cost anything to try a demo. Cathode Ray also sells mesh poon-tangs, if that’s your thing, try those too! I’m sure they’re just as great as the Nyam Nyam mouth.

Style Details:
Hair: little bones. Girl – New at No21
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Doll V2 <Crystal> – Pure  – New
Mesh Mouth: [[ Cathode Ray ]]Nyam Nyam v1.1
LipstickNOX. Shade Lips (Nyam Nyam Appliers)
Face Tattoo: NOX. Oracle [Black]
EyebrowsNOX. Banshee Brows [Ombre Brown/Blonde]
Necklace: .random.Matter. – Olyvia Necklace – Black – New at No21
Rings: REIGN.- Chamber Rings- Raven / REIGN.- Chamber Rings- Sun – at The Secret Affair
Top: -Suicidal Unborn!- Sick Days Sweatshirt #01 – New
Pants: *Ninia* Retrolectrico Leggings (Y-2’s Stripe Black) – New at Alta Feria Event
Shoes: -David Heather-Celine Platforms/Female/Black
Artwork: Floorplan – – New at No21

Born lost

Style Details:
Top: GATO – Smart Tee FIND  New at My Attic
Tights: -SU!- Lady Rebel Nylon Tights #09 – At Young Sprit
Necklaces: Eclat – Choker Crescent / Eclat – Chunky Chain Necklace/Macaroon/#1
Rings Left: Eclat – Chevron Ring/Silver
Rings Right: .random.Matter. – Ariadne Ring – Black / .random.Matter. – Lenore Ring – Platinum at The Secret Affair
Bracelet: Eclat – Friendship Chain Bracelet/Gold
Manicure: Jam Nail Art –  New for Circle 88
Skin: DeeTalez Skin Jule (Brows2) nobrows Mixedtype
BrowsBeusy: My Way Colored Eyebrows 2 Pinky
Hair: Analog Dog –  – 42 – light blondes

Make your own dream

Style Details:
Dress: GATO - Sexy Peruvian (with PhatAzz App) - New for Lazy Sunday
NecklaceEclat- La Virgin Choker/Silver – New
GlassesEclat – Mirrored Sunnies – New
Jacket: *Fishy Strawberry* Ducato Leather Jacket  at Kustom9
Hair/Hat: little bones. Hurt – New Group Gift
Shoes: ::.!OS::. Sandals High Heels Teal Suphini
SkinEssences {Linka02}

Special things have a way of surviving.

Style Details:
NecklaceEclat – Third Eye Chain\Silver - New
BraceletsEclat – Tube Bracelet/Silver (right) Eclat – Bracelet Example/Silver (left)- New
: :::Le Primitif::: Slit_LooseTank  – Lion  at Kustom9
RingEclat – Tube Ring/Silver- New
Hair: MINA Hair – Lena – New at My Attic 9/21
Skin: ~Gossip deeR~ 0892
Manicure: Jam Nail Art –  New for Circle 88
Bird Cage:
 (epia) – Raven Bird Cage  New at The Secret Affair
Flag7 – Flag – Scottish Flag
Pants: [.LAYOVER.] Crisis Leather Leggings [Block-Black]
ShoesFLite. Bombers Coal